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Application Process

Flow chart for New Certificate Holder

ASME/NB Inspection

Application stage

- Contact to KRH Branch Operation Manager (refer to contact point)
- After completion of contact, ASME Quality program work with KRH ASME AIA would be conducted
- Contact to ASME CA ( ) and submit an application
- ASME Review and inform schedule survey
- Accept scheduled dates for survey

Preparation stage

- Establishment of Quality Program including design, Demo Item and Authorized inspection
- Implementation for Demo Item (welding, NDE) fabrication and control of quality records

Survey stage

- Management review
- Pre Joint Review / Survey by KRH ASME AIA
- Review of ASME quality program and records through demonstration and implementation
- Issue NC and OB if any. Conduct preventive and corrective action
- ASME survey and Joint review (Quality Manual review, Implementation)

Certificate issue stage

- Assessment of survey results
- Issuance of certificate