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Code information

ASME Code 2019 edition change

  • Section I      Table PW-11, Code Case 2816 was adopted to 2019Ed.
  • Section II     Part A, Adoption of ASTM A479/A479M-15 as ASME SA-479/SA-479M,
  • Section II     Part A; Adoption of ASTM A484/A484M-16 as ASME SA-484
  • Section II     Part A, Adoption of ASTM A182-18 as ASME SA-182
  • Section II     Part A; Address “green” and “subsequent heat treatment” Marking on the Cover Sheets of
                        Non-ASTM Specifications.
  • Section III    Revise SNT-TC-1A Edition listed in Table NCA-7100-2, Table NCA-7100-3, and Table WA-7100-2.
                        Update the endnotes in NB/NC/ND/NE/NF/NG, Division 2, and Division 3 to include provisions for
                        the use of SNT-TC-1A (2006) or (2011).
  • Section III    Develop method to certify the design of Appurtenances
  • Section III    NCA - Update to 2015 Edition of NQA-1. Add wording to clarify use of NQA-1 Part II requirements
                        in NCA-4110, -4134.3, and -4134.7.
  • Section III    Division 1, Table NB/NC/NE/NF/NG/WB/WC/WD-4622.7(b)-1 Exemptions to Mandatory PWHT
  • Section III    Division 1, Revision of NB-3352.4(d)(4), NE-3352.4(d)(4), and WB-3252.4(f)(4)
  • Section V     Article 10 New Mandatory Appendix XI for Helium Mass Spectrometer–Helium Filled Container-Leakage
                        Rate Test
  • Section VIII  Division I UW-50, Delete all text in UW-50 and replace the following:
  • Section VIII  Division 1 and 2; Relaxing of post forming heat treatment rules in UCS-79(VIII-1), and
                        Code Case 2807 for thin wall pipe and tube after cold forming.
  • Section VIII  Division 2; Use of a Singles User’s Design Specification and a Single Manufacturer’s Design Report
                        for More Than One Pressure Vessel
  • Section IX    QW-403.20 Substitution of Base Metals for Weld Metal Overlay