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Cerfitication Process & Documentation

KRH Terms and Conditions of the Certification Service(s)


  • 1.1 KR Hellas Ltd., as a Notified Body nominated by the Government of the Greece(hereinafter referred to as KRH), provides product certification and quality assessment services in accordance with EU Directives.
  • 1.2 In order that the KRH may provide these services, the applicant agrees to provide the KRH with all necessary information and facilities.
  • 1.3 The applicant shall lodge an application for EC-type examination with a single notified body of his choice.
  • 1.4 The submission of this application shall be regarded as the acceptance of the use of subcontractors of KRH in the parts of inspection, assessment and technical examination for CE certification work
  • 1.5 All fees and expenses for the services of the KRH are due and payable within 30 days from the date of invoice, regardless of the results of certification or assessment performed.


  • 2.1 (Limitation of Liability) if liability arising out of any defective services provided by the KRH is finally and definitely decided by a court of law or as part of the settlement of a dispute through arbitration procedures or others, together with a requirement to compensate the injured parties for loss of or damage to property or personal injury or death, which is proved in that court of law to have been caused by any negligent or reckless act or omission of the KRH, its employees, agents or others who act on behalf of the KRH, the injured parties shall be entitled to financial compensation from the KRH, to the extent that that loss or damage was, as decided by that court, caused by the KRH and the liability will be limited to the greater of an amount equal to 10 times the sum actually paid for the services alleged to be deficient, or USD 1,000,000.
  • 2.2 (Time bar) Rights of claims against the survey and other contracted services provided by the KRH shall become nullified after 6 months from the date when the injured parties had notice of the damage.
  • 2.3 (Jurisdiction and Governing laws) All disputes which may arise from the services by the KRH shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts and be governed by the Laws of Greece.


All documents and information provided to the KRH shall be treated as confidential by the KRH and shall not, without the prior consent of the party providing such documents or information, be disclosed for any purpose other than that for which they are approved.


This service shall be governed and construed in accordance with Greece Law and any disputes(of whatever nature) may be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Athens District Court law shall apply.