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[MED-AR] What item can be appied "MED/3.42 Inert gas system components"?
Name KR Hellas Technical Team
File 17-673r13 AR FIRE-069 041119.pdf(285 KB)17-673r13 AR FIRE-069 041119.pdf / Download: 156
Hit 364 Date 2020.02.13
Due to the MED revision(2019/1397), there is a minor changes about "item No. MED / 3.42 inert gas system components."

Previously it was simply mentioned only item title such as "Inert gas system components,"
However from this revision list of products are mentioned in MED(2019/1397).

The list of applicable products is as follows.
- Inert gas fans/blowers
- Inert gas generator
- Scrubber
- Sea water pumps for scrubber
-Nitrogen generator (being equivalent to IGG)
-Nitrogen air compressor (equivalent to blowers)
- Inert gas control and monitoring system (to include DBB-arrangement, if fitted)
- Pressure vessels
-Double block and bleed valve arrangement (being equivalent to deck water seal)
- Pressure/Vacuum-breaker
- Deck water seal
- Sea water pumps for deck water seal
- Dryer-absorber (if pressure vessel, e.g. swing type)
- Membrane separation vessels (pressure vessels for N2)
-Cooling water pumps for compressors (normally air cooled)
- Non-return valves
- Gas regulating valve

For this reason, the above products can be acheive MED certification.
(* testing standard - IMO MSC / Circ.353, as amended)

The Approval Recommendation document was issued by MarED as an attachment, and this document mentioned details the appied clause in testing standard to be applied for each product.

KR Hellas is a MED certification body that can be certified for all areas of the product.
If you have any questions, please contact e-mail.